Catalina Sol, MPH

Chief Programs Officer

When Catalina speaks, people listen. A native of El Salvador, she has dedicated her life to making a difference in the community by promoting the health needs of underinsured and underserved populations. Sol grew up in the United States and El Salvador. She possesses the invaluable ability to clearly identify the particular needs of the local Latino community within a broader public health context. This has allowed her to effectively merge her extensive knowledge of public health with a nuanced and culturally appropriate understanding of issues affecting the Latino community.

After earning a BA in History from Georgetown University and a Master’s degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University, Sol employed her skills as an advocate for HIV education, prevention, counseling, testing and treatment. She joined La Clinica in 1990 as a Patient Care Coordinator in the HIV/AIDS Department and since has been instrumental in introducing innovative and holistic programming as Chief Programs Officer.

Her innovative actions have made La Clínica del Pueblo a valued partner in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the District’s Latino communities. Catalina has dedicated her life to creating an inclusive community focused on holistic self-care for all people. She has an incredible passion for the underdog and is dedicated to serving populations that are stigmatized or “not popular.”

She was recently awarded the 2011 Linowes Leadership Award which recognizes individuals of creativity, vision and leadership who work in a community in the Greater Washington metropolitan area and who generally are unrecognized. She encourages dozens in the community to follow La Clínica’s motto, making healthcare a human right.  Sol empowers members of the community to participate in devising solutions to the public health issues affecting them. This strategy along with her endless well of creativity has given her programming the ability to evolve as new community needs emerge.