Claire Mooney

Chief Financial Officer

Claire Mooney is a Non-profit Executive with a long professional history of innovation and growth creation. For over ten years she has used her skills and experience to achieve resource maximization as well as result-producing operational and fundraising strategies.

In addition to an MBA from Boston University, Mooney also holds a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management. These degrees, along with a BA in Spanish Literature and Language with a minor in philosophy from the University of Colorado in Boulder, created a strong knowledge base that Mooney continued to build on through her work in the non-profit sector.

Mooney has a demonstrated commitment to social justice with a particular emphasis on issues pertaining to health, education, and women empowerment. Over the past decade she has gained expertise in areas such as audit oversight, contract negotiation, and methods for developing pricing strategies. Whether successfully soliciting new major donors, attracting new and increasing existing foundation support, launching events, or managing government funds, Mooney has a track record of success. In every area she applies herself Mooney demonstrates a passion and original thinking that give her a competitive edge as an executive and leader.