Thank you for your interest in volunteering with La Clínica del Pueblo. For over thirty years, volunteers have played a vital role in ensuring that the Latino community in DC has access to culturally appropriate healthcare. We thank all volunteers past and present, for bringing their passion, time, and skills to La Clínica.

There are many opportunities if you are interested in volunteering – whether you are a student looking for an internship, a working professional with some time off, or you just want to give back to the community. Volunteer opportunities range from long-term commitments working closely with staff to a one-time opportunity at one of our special events. Volunteering at La Clínica is a great way to learn about how the U.S. healthcare system works, the health needs of our community, and the programs created in response to the issues many Latino immigrants face.

If you have questions about group volunteering, please contact Anna Jeide, our Development and Communications Coordinator, at  

For individual volunteer/ internship position, please contact Luz Gioia, Executive Assistant, at* We are in the process of developing 2018 intern positions, so at the moment we have limited opportunities available. 



1) Send a volunteer application and a resume (optional) to

2) Allow 2-3 business days for us to determine if there is an opportunity available based on your interests, skills, and availability

3) If an opportunity is available, we will schedule an interview

4) If you are accepted as a volunteer, you will need to provide proof of a negative PPD test or a positive PPD test with a negative chest x-ray*

*Not required for one-time volunteer opportunities, or those volunteering for less than 8 weeks.