Telemental Health is the use of videoconferencing to deliver live, interactive mental health consultation between a clinician and a patient. Telemental Health enables qualified mental health providers to secure and expand access to critical psychiatric, mental health therapy for the underserved, underinsured and or uninsured Limited English Proficient (LEP)/Spanish-speaking Latino community in the DC metro area.

La Clínica´s Telemental Health initiative consists of two components: Client on-site, Psychiatrist off-site or Client off-site, Mental Health provider on-site. Telemental Health reduces barriers to accessing quality mental health care services and it is a option for patients that: live in underserved areas, do not have access to transportation or cannot drive, have limited financial resources or are Limited English Proficient (LEP).

Via videoconferencing, the psychiatrist or mental health provider can:

  • Diagnose and assess patients
  • Perform evaluation
  • Provide individual therapy
  • Monitor medication

What are the benefits of Telemental Health?

  • Telemental Health increases access to care. All mental health services that are delivered face-to-face can be delivered remotely via telemental health.
  • Telemental health communications are secure and confidential.
  • Reduced patient waiting lists for appointments.
  • Reduced travel time and costs for patients.
  • Reduced stigma.

For more information, please contact:

  • Vanessa Vosteen
    Telemental Health Program Coordinator
     (202) 350-8048