Thank you for your interest in becoming a Monthly Supporter! With even a small commitment each month, you can have a huge effect on building a healthy community. When you become a monthly giving contributor, you join a group of the most dedicated and committed supporters in making healthcare a human right.

Reasons to consider becoming a Monthly Supporter:

  • Your support will allows us to plan for the year ahead, budgeting and allocating resources to make sure we keep our patients healthy.
  • Every dollar counts. From a $25 gift monthly gift, which provides a whole year of vaccinations for our youngest patients, to a $100 donation, that provides a doctor's check-up for an uninsured patient, your support is crucial to keep us running.
  • Monthly credit card or Electronic Funds Transfer gifts are the most cost-effective methods of donating to La Clínica.
  • Your monthly commitment to end hunger helps us reduce administrative costs.
  • Your donation goes to work immediately.
  • Don’t have time to mail a check? We can process your donation monthly on the day of your preference.
  • This plan is flexible; you can change or stop your donation at any time.
  • Monthly Supporter are our most committed group of supporters.

How to become a Monthly Supporter:

It’s simple. You choose how:

  • Call Rachel Ugarte at (202) 448-2836 and provide us with the quantity per month you would like to donate.
  • Send us an e-mail at
  • Either sign up online or mail our print-and-send form (when mailing, be sure to include your credit card information or a voided check).

Mail the form to:

La Clínica del Pueblo
Rachel Ugarte
Development & Communications Department
2831 15th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

Changing your method of payment, monthly amount, or stopping payment:

To make any changes to your account, please contact Rachel Ugarte at (202) 448-2836 or at   For security reasons, we recommend that donors notify us via telephone if they wish to change or update their credit card information.