Our Mission

La Clinica del Pueblo's mission is to build a healthy Latino community through culturally appropriate health services, focusing on those most in need.

Our Values

We, La Clínica del Pueblo, as a part of the community we serve, believe in and are guided by the following values:


We strive to empower and embody the community around us by staying true to our roots as a Latino service organization that commits to improve the health of all.

Health Equity and Shared Responsibilities

We believe that health care is a human right, regardless of ability to pay, and that our patients share responsibility for their own health and that of their families.


We are strong, hardworking, and dedicated to working with patients as long as it takes to meet their needs.    

Quality Care

We welcome all in a compassionate, culturally sensitive manner. We seek to expand access to health care and to provide the best possible professional care for our patients in a holistic, sustainable, cost-effective manner.


We can be successful only through working together as a staff, with our patients, and with many external partners.