Leah Lujan, NP

Family Nurse Practitioner

Leah Lujan FNP is a Family Nurse Practitioner at La Clínica del Pueblo since 2012.

Lujan’s journey at La Clínica began almost 15 years ago. She stopped by to visit the building where her parents had met - her father was a community organizer and her mother an English teacher. Soon after, she was volunteering at La Clínica as a medical interpreter. Lujan also held other positions at La Clínica del Pueblo including assistant of the executive director and entitlement worker. 

Inspired by the community, Lujan returned to school to study nursing. She holds a master degree in Family Nurse Practitioner by Georgetown University.

Lujan is inspired by the people and her coworkers at La Clínica. She is happily married and has a healthy happy baby. When not at work she likes to take walks, go to the gym and take care of her health.