Marcela*, a three month old baby, suffered from a very serious chronic cough and had difficulty breathing. Her young mother, desperate for help, took her from emergency room to emergency room. The baby was stabilized multiple times and discharged without any follow-up. The horrible coughing and wheezing always returned. Finally, Marcela's mother found La Clínica del Pueblo. La Clínica's culturally competent providers truly understand the poverty issues and fears that many immigrants face.

Our providers took the time to really get to know the mother and learn more about her living situation. The young woman, initially embarrassed to discuss her poverty, eventually disclosed to La Clínica's staff that she was living in deplorable conditions. In an attempt to keep pests at bay to protect her baby, she was spraying pesticides frequently in the home. Our providers quickly realized that the mother's attempts to protect her baby were actually making her child quite sick. In a short time, they were able to help the mother make the changes needed to drastically improve her and her baby's health.

*Name changed to protect patient's identity