What inspires us?

Guided by our mission to build a healthy Latino community through culturally appropriate healthcare services, focusing on those most in need, we are continuously striving to provide holistic services of the highest quality.

What have we achieved?

For the last 35 years, we have increased access to linguistically and culturally appropriate health care services for low-income, uninsured or underinsured Latinos in the DC area.

  • Serving over 4,000 medical patients at two clinics
  • Growing our footprint in Prince George's County, MD by opening 3 new sites in the last 3 year
  • Over 50,000 encounters through our Community Health Action Department
  • Over 18,000 Interpretation Services per year

What sets us apart?

Cultural competency:

Bilingual and culturally competent staff/volunteers provide high-quality medical and social support services through its care and prevention education programs. 

Patient-Centered Medical Home

This designation means that we are focused on putting the patient at the center of care. They are an active participant in all decision-making processes. We seek to equip patients with the knowledge that they need, to best care for themselves and their families. 


We know that to truly build a healthy Latino community, we need to advocate for a more inclusive, equitable healthcare system. Advocacy is an important part of our strategy, both in DC and Prince George's Count, MD. La Clinica del Pueblo is part of several coalitions that collaborate on a variety of issues from pushing for DC Alliance to better resources for women experiencing domestic violence. We are a clinic with an integrated public health approach and a strong commitment to advocating for health equity.