Last Saturday, June 11th, La Clínica Del Pueblo and Centro ¡Empodérate! had the privilege of marching at the Capital Pride Parade in Washington, DC. We celebrated equality, respect, acceptance and love. As we celebrate Pride Month we feel deeply saddened by what happened in Orlando this weekend. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their loved ones in this horrible tragedy. 

It is La Clínica del Pueblo’s position that health is a human right. Systematically, homophobia and transphobia are harmful to our health: they impede access to medical and mental health services, and create a society where discrimination and exclusion are too often more common than compassion. This is a reality that our patients have to live with every day. Crimes, acts of violence, and hateful rhetoric targeting marginalized communities will only continue to endanger our health. For that reason, health centers have a responsibility to address these issues that affect our community with tenacity and respect.

We condemn the acts of violence that have occurred in Orlando, and we condemn the everyday violence that further marginalizes some members of our community.

We are proud to support the Latinx LGBT community: we affirm your strength, your dignity, your pride, and your freedom to live without fear.

La Clínica del Pueblo and Centro ¡Empodérate! are safe spaces to the LGBTQ community and we welcome anyone who needs support at this time.