Alicia Wilson, Executive Director

Executive Director

Alicia Wilson earned a Bachelor of Arts from Swarthmore College with a double major in Religion and Sociology/Anthropology, then began working in social services immediately after graduating.  She first served as a case manager working with the homeless and working poor in and around Washington, D.C., then shifted to working with HIV-positive Latinos at La Clínica del Pueblo.  In 2001, Ms. Wilson joined the development department of La Clínica and in 2002 became the Director of Grants and Contracts Administration.  Ms. Wilson was responsible for overseeing grant writing and fundraising efforts for the agency’s then $7.5 million annual budget, as well as public relations and many longer-term projects.  After playing an increasing role in the leadership of La Clínica del Pueblo, Ms. Wilson was promoted to Executive Director in January 2009.  She currently sits on the Board of Directors of the D.C. Primary Care Association and the Institute for Public Health Innovation.  Ms. Wilson has played an active role in local healthcare advocacy, and was awarded the Frances Garcia Latina Excellence in Leadership Award in 2016.