During the week of October 15, La Clínica del Pueblo will commemorate the National Latino AIDS Awareness Day with a variety of events to raise awareness among the community about HIV/AIDS and to promote HIV tests.  La Clínica del Pueblo will provide counseling and HIV tests (free, confidential, and bilingual) at various locations.


According to the CDC, the DC metropolitan area has the highest level of HIV infection in the U.S, and the impact of HIV/AIDS on the Latino community is increasing.  Every year through its Counseling, Testing, and Referral Program and its HIV youth initiative, ¡Empodérate! (Empower Yourself!), La Clínica del Pueblo tests over 3,000 people for HIV and, using its System Navigator program, links those testing positive to medical services.  La Clínica del Pueblo not only offers medical assistance, but also bridges the gap between medical and social services.  Through its HIV case management program La Clínica provides a support system, ensures adherence to treatment, and helps HIV positive patients to manage their illness and lead healthy and productive lives. Through ¡Empodérate! La Clinica del Pueblo addresses the impact the epidemic has had on the young, underprivileged, Latino, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (GBT) community,


Our slogan this year is:

“Take care of yourself:             Find out about Obamacare,  Get Tested for HIV  Be Happy.”