Dr. Joshua Kolko

Family Physician

Dr Joshua Kolko is a board certified family physician for 15 years with a passion for obesity prevention and health education. He joined La Clinica del Pueblo in March 2007 after practicing in North Carolina and his native Maryland, and has felt at home ever since. His gentle approach and willingness to listen endears him to his patients. He provides the full complement of family medicine, caring for newborns, children, adults, and seniors, while overseeing the care of expectant mothers and the training of family medicine residents with Dr’s Wilks and Aikara in La Clinica del Pueblo’s Prenatal Care Clinic.

He is a champion for the prevention and management of obesity, committed to La Clinica as a medical home where patients and staff work together to make changes that will lead to healthier futures.

Dr Kolko strives to practice what he preaches:  adding colorful vegetables and fruits to meals and snacks, and taking a brisk walk each day. You might spot him in the stairwell climbing up and down the 4 stories for "5 minute workouts" to break up long days at the office and “breathe”.

In his off time he enjoys swimming, trying new foods, and tickling his kids.