Each year, La Clínica participates in over 20 health fairs throughout the DC region. Attendees, many of whom have not seen a doctor in more than a year, are screened for basic health conditions, and educated on the importance of regular wellness activities and preventive care visits with a provider. Last year alone, over 4,000 health screenings were conducted and close to 2,000 participants received one on one health education sessions.

This year, as a part of a multi-year grant from the DC Department of Health, La Clínica designed and piloted three new health promotion activities: the Mesa de las Delicias a nutrition education activity at local grocery stores, Caminatas y Circulos de la Salud a stress management/green space activity and Torneos de Futbol, a soccer/fitness and wellness activity.

All three were developed with the goal of increasing knowledge about the contributors to unhealthy lifestyles (stress and food and fitness choices) and presenting community-oriented, culturally competent solutions to combating these barriers to health.

For more information about health fairs and promotores de salud, please contact:

  • Rodrigo Stein
    Health Promotion Manager
    (202) 462-4788 ext. 102