La Clínica served its first HIV-positive client in 1985; currently, Latinos account for 20% of new HIV infections (CDC). La Clínica is the largest Latino-focused HIV/AIDS service provider in DC. 

Our target audiences are extremely high-risk populations, gay and bisexual Latino males and male to female (MTF) transgender Latinas as well as heterosexual immigrant men and women. Free counseling, testing and referral (CTR) services are currently provided on and off-site, reaching over 3,000 individuals per year.

Those who test positive are navigated to medical and social support services at La Clínica. 

If you are living with HIV or AIDS or know someone who is and would like to benefit from the services of La Clínica's HIV System Navigator, or if you represent an organization that would like to become a part of the Navigator network, please contact:

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