Mi Familia (My Family) is a counseling program that works to reduce the negative impact of traumatic stress and to improve overall stability within the family unit. Mental health staff conducts mental health screenings, individual and family counseling and treatment, and lead weekly psycho-educational group interventions. In the 16 week- long program, families meet for weekly sessions in which they break up into small groups, according to their age and role played within the family, and discuss relevant topics.

Using expressive media techniques, Mi Familia participants learn about effective communication and stress management strategies while emphasizing abuse and trauma prevention. At the end they all come back and share a meal together.

The program effects notable change: nearly 70% of the children who participate make significant academic and developmental improvements, and over 80% of the parents report using positive parenting skills and an overall improvement in family relationships at home. 


For more information, contact: 

Alma Hamar Lead Mental Health Counselor III

(202) 462-4788, ext 233