Volviendo a Vivir is an intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment and HIV counseling and testing services program, Volviendo a Vivir (Back to Life) targets recent ex-offenders and those awaiting trial in the Latino community.

Boasting an 88% completion rate, this comprehensive program applies group intervention models and individual therapy sessions. Clients progress to different stages of treatment as they successfully meet their individual and programmatic substance abuse treatment goals.

Because of Volviendo a Vivir, La Clínica is now one of the strongest outpatient mental health programs and the only bilingual (English/ Spanish) substance abuse programs serving the Latino population in the DC Area. La Clínica is a Level I and Access to Recovery (ATR) provider through the DC Addiction Prevention and Recovery Administration.

For more information, contact: 
Raul Hernandez Substance Use Program Manager
(202) 350.8048