What is legacy giving?

For many of our donors, legacy giving is the best way to express their support for our efforts to build a healthy community. Your donation helps ensure the continuity of our services, supporting those most in need.

Legacy gifts are those that are not direct cash grants or shares traded. They can be gifts through your will or trust savings. They provide economic benefits to prospective donors such as tax savings and current account payments cash.

Why should I give?

Most people think it is important to improve the economic security of their family. By giving a planned gift you can help achieve that goal.

With your contribution, we will ensure that our programs continue to serve future generations, while also providing some financial benefits for you and your family.

There are many reasons to give. Many people want to continue supporting La Clínica after they are gone and want to leave their economic contribution for many generations to come. Whatever way our donors choose to help the Latino community, they all want to help fulfill our mission to build a healthy Latino community through culturally appropriate health services, focusing on those most in need.

Are there economic benefits for legacy giving?

  • You can exclude some assets from estate taxes or inheritance.
  • You can convert values not paid a dividend in a charitable trust with the remainder paid to you and your spouse or partner a lifetime income and avoid paying taxes on capital gains on the appreciation.
  • La Clinica del Pueblo staff will help you find a way to support our cause. Contact Rachel Ugarte at (202) 448-2836 or at rugarte@lcdp.org