Your gift to La Clínica del Pueblo will truly make a difference! Here are some examples of the amazing things we could accomplish with your generous support:

  • $25 will provide a low-income individual with an HIV test and counseling so that they can know their status and receive assistance if positive.
  • $50 will provide follow-up care for a pregnant mother so that she can ensure a healthy future for herself and her baby.
  • $100 will provide chronic disease management visits for 3 low-income patients suffering from serious illness.
  • $250 will allow a woman to attend one year of monthly Entre Amigas self-esteem workshops--providing support to victims of domestic abuse and helping to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS in the Latino community.
  • $500 will provide a doctor to meet with and care for 23 patients in need of health care.
  • $1,000 will allow 3 families who have experienced trauma to participate in a 4 month program that provides mental health counseling and treatment.
  • $1,600 will allow a family of four to attend an entire 14-week course of Mi Familia, where they can learn to reduce family stress and improve their relationships.