Why do we promote Salud Sin Barreras?

• Because healthcare is a human right, not a privilege, and we should fund healthcare needs in a way that does not exclude anyone.    

• Low-income immigrants face exclusion from accessing health care services due to their type of employment or immigration status.  

• Moving through and out of the COVID pandemic, reliable access to health care is more important than ever. Immigrant communities deserve consistent access to healthcare and the permanent removal of barriers to healthcare.    

How do we represent it?

Mayan Flower
Life and health; honors the roots of our community

Obstacles in our health care system.

Fostering health equity with inclusion.

What are the barriers in Washington DC?

Impact of health insurance with barriers

Loss of income

Partial Coverage / Interruptions in Care

Technological Solutions ≠ Increased Health Access

What are the barriers in Prince George’s County, Maryland?

Impact of not having health insurance at all

Detection and Treatment of Illness

Moral imperative

Cost savings

Will you help us advance #SaludSinBarreras?

We are asking individuals, partner organizations, and other institutions to join us to push for immigrant health equity and share your vision of what #SaludSinBarreras means to you. What would it take to achieve Salud Sin Barreras?

We ask you to join us in creating a capital region where primary care is guaranteed, and we can have Salud Sin Barreras!

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Has your region achieved #SaludSinBarreras?