La Clinica opens new site in Hyattsville, MD: (November, 2016)


Thank you to the community for the support and excitement you have shown towards our recent growth. We are very excited about our Maryland location in Hyattsville and we know that our current patients that live in Hyattsville are excited as well. With this in mind we would like to inform everyone that our goal at this time is to transfer our existing patient's that live in Maryland over to our new Hyattsville location. Therefore, we apologize that we have limited appointments available during this moment. If you would like to call La Clinica Del Pueblo to schedule an appointment we ask that you call at (202) 462-4788 to do so. Please know that La Clinica is very aware of the need in the community that it serves. No doubt just as our community face challenges so do we. Nonetheless, we continue working everyday towards the goal of fulfilling our mission to which we are very committed. Thank you for your dedication to La Clinica and the trust that you have in the services that we provide to you and your community. We will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available. 



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