Thank you for your interest in volunteering with La Clínica del Pueblo. For over thirty five years, volunteers have played a vital role in ensuring that the Latino community in DC has access to culturally appropriate healthcare. We thank all volunteers past and present, for bringing their passion, time, and skills to La Clínica.



On Wednesday, December 19th, over 400 families will enjoy food, festive entertainment, sing carols, and receive holiday gifts at La Posada! Every year we enjoy providing this meaningful holiday celebration for families with limited resources, and we rely on the generosity and support of volunteers in our community. This year, we have 3 mains ways to get involved. 


1. Donate Gifts 

2. Wrap Gifts

3. Volunteer Team


Interested in any of the above? Fill out the form here to get connected about La Posada. We can’t want to spread some cheer with you!


If you have all questions about volunteering/interning, please contact Jamie Reich, our Volunteer Coordinator, at
 *At the moment we have limited internship opportunities available*



1) Send a volunteer application and a resume (optional) to 

2) Allow 5 business days for us to determine if there is an opportunity available based on your interests, skills, and availability

3) If an opportunity is available, we will schedule an interview