Programs and strategies

Medical Services

La Clinica employs a team-based model of care. We believe that developing strong partnerships with our patients and their families is the best way to achieve and maintain health.

Primary Medical Care

La Clínica’s primary care services employ a family practice model of care and encompass the entire spectrum of family medicine, including: prenatal care, pediatrics and adolescent medicine, adult medicine, and geriatrics. Services focus on preventive care as well as chronic disease management. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and HIV are areas of expertise as the most prevalent chronic diseases affecting our target population. Care teams at La Clinica include bilingual medical providers, nurses, and staff; mental health therapists embedded within the clinic; and health educator, care coordinators, and insurance specialists available to support patients with holistic needs.

Care Management and Care Coordination

La Clínica’s care management program is focused on high-risk/medically complex patients. Our Care Management and Care Coordination team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of medical, cultural, and social needs and develop a patient-centered care plan with mutually agreed upon goals. Our team is made up of registered nurses and care coordinators who together with our patients work to improve health outcomes.

Insurance Enrollment and Support

La Clinica assists patients and community members to determine if they are eligible for insurance and to support their enrollment process. Our team assists patients in collecting all needed documentation in order to apply, completing applications, and following up with the appropriate agencies to ensure that applications are approved.

Insurance Enrollment and Support